Italiaoutdoors Guide to the Dolomites

Sassolungo Mountain Group

Italiaoutdoors guide to the Sassolungo Dolomites

The Sassolungo Mountain Group, (Langkofel in German and Saslonch in Ladin) is the main peak of the massif bearing the same name,  located between the Val Gardena and the Val di Fassa, in the Bolzano Province of the Trentino-Alto Adige Region. The name Sassolunog means ‘pietra lunga’ (long stone) and is meant in respect to the mountain when seen from the northeast. The mountain looks more like a ridge, elongated for about 1 km with a Northwest to Southeast direction.

The Sassolungo is one of the main symbols of the Val Gardena, where major ski events are held each year. Despite being a small and not very extended group, this mountain has lots of towers and rock boulders that have been important, in the history of mountaineering. The northern wall of Sassolungo is one of the great rock walls in the Alps, with more than 1,000 m of dis-elevation and second only to the northern flank of Civetta.


  • Ortise
  • San Cristina
  • Selva Gardena
  • Canazei

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Main Peaks of the Sassolungo Group

  • Sassolungo (Langkofel, 3,181 m)
  • Spallone del Sassolungo (Langkofelkarspitze, 3,081 m)
  • Punta delle Cinque Dita (Fünffingerspitze, 2.998 m)
  • Punta Grohmann, aka "Sasso Levante" (Grohmannspitze, 3,126 m)
  • Torre Innerkofler (Innerkoflerturm, 3,098 m)
  • Dente del Sassolungo (Zahnkofel, 3.001 m)
  • Cima Dantersass (Dantersassspitze, 2,825 m)
  • Sassopiatto (Plattkofel, 2,964 m),

Mountain Huts in the Sassolungo Group

  • Langkofel Hut or Rifugio Vicenza (2256 m), also Rifugio Vicenza
  • Emilio Comici Hut (2153 m)
  • Toni Demetz Hut (2685 m)
  • Friedrich August Hut (2298 m)
  • Des Alpes Hut (2395 m)
  • Sandro Pertini Hut (2300 m)
  • Plattkofel Hut (2300 m)
  • Schutzhaus Sellajoch (2180 m)
  • Williams Hut (2100 m)

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