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Outdoor Skills for Active Vacations

Outdoors Skills for Adventure Travelers


Most of us love outdoor pursuits such as hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and canoeing. Yet even though we consider ourselves “outdoor types,” few of us possess the survival skills and knowledge to be considered a true woodsman. Could you, for example, gather and cook wild foods without modern accoutrements? Do you know how to improvise or repair tools in the backcountry? Would you be able to find your way back to a vehicle or camp without a GPS or map? If your life depended on it, could you start a fire with a single match?

Unfortunately, knowledge of these “woodsman’s ways” is increasingly uncommon. If forced by calamity into a survival situation, many people would find it difficult to stay warm, well fed and healthy. Some might even perish.

Learning the woodsmanship skills presented in this section is a way of getting back in touch with nature. It can be an adventure in which the adventurer discovers not only how to survive in unexpected situations, but how to live well whether bike touring in the Dolomites, climbing with friends in a wilderness area, or camping with family in a park near home. Those who study these tips will discover they can do things they never dreamed they could do. And at particularly high moments, they will feel a real connection to the natural world around them.

Outdoor Adventure Skills are are even more important to Enjoy a Safe active vacation in Italy. Even though sun, history, food and wine are first things that come to mind when thinking of Italy, but with all the Outdoor Sports and Recreation available and ever changing world you should not forget to brush up on a few skills before you head over.  Making sure you review your Outdoor Skills is extra important when you travel away from home since many of your surrounding and resources are unfamiliar to you. 

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