Italiaoutdoors Guide to the Dolomites

Lagorai Mountain Group

Italiaoutdoors guide to the Lagorai Mountains

The Lagorai mountain group is one of the least known area's of Dolomite's. The Lagorai range is a mountain group in Eastern Trentino (Trento Province), and it represents one of the most natural areas of the province, including some of the most extensive stretches of relative wilderness in the south-eastern Alps. Its name has its roots in the word ‘lago’ ('lake' in Italian); in fact, numerous lakes of various dimensions that can be found at different altitudes within this vast mountain chain.

The Lagorai range extends over a vast area between Monte Calisio (east of Trento) and Passo Rolle (1,984 m; in the Primiero sub-region), for an overall length of about 70 km. Many valleys come down from this extensive range, some of the more important are the Primiero to the south-east and the Val Vanoi to the south, as well as the smaller tributary valleys of Val Campelle and Val Calamento (side valleys of the main Valsugana), the Val Cismon lies to the east, while the Valle dei Mocheni and the Pinè plateau are to the west. The Cembra valley lies to the north-west and the Val di Fiemme and Val Travignolo are to the north: all these valleys and regions mark the exact geographic limits of the range.


  • Fiera di Primero
  • San Martino di Castozza
  • Borgo Valsugana
  • Cavalese
  • Predazzo
  • Molina

Main Peaks of the Lagorai Group

  • Monte Laste de le Sute (2,616 m)
  • Cima delle Stellune (2,605 m)
  • Cima di Lagorai (2,585 m)
  • Cima delle Buse (2,574 m)
  • Cima di Coppola (2,547 m)
  • Cimon di Lasteolo (2,544 m)
  • Cima Busa Alta (2,513 m)
  • Monte Cauriol (2,494 m)
  • Kraiserspitz (2,490 m)
  • Monte Cardinal (2,481 m)
  • Monte Ziolera (2,478 m)
  • Cima di Canzenagol (2,457 m)
  • Montalon (2,435 m)
  • Monte Formentone (2,414 m)
  • Forcella Coldosè (2,182 m)
  • Passo Rolle (1,984 m)
  • Cima Cece (2,754 m)
  • Cime di Ceremana (2,699 m)
  • Cime di Bragarolo (2,697 m)
  • Cima Valon (2,678 m)
  • Colbricon (2,602 m)
  • Monte Coltorondo (2,530 m)
  • Cima di Valmaggiore (2,479 m)
  • Cima di Valbona (2,413 m)
  • Cavallazza (2,324 m)

Mountain Huts in the Lagorai Group

  • Rifugio Erdemolo (2,036 m)
  • Rifugio Sette Selle (2,014 m)
  • Rifugio Colbricon (1,927 m)
  • Rifugio Spruggio (1,900 m)
  • Rifugio Cauriol (1,594 m)
  • Rifugio Serot (1,566 m)
  • Rifugio Refavaie (1,091 m)