Italiaoutdoors Guide to the Dolomites

Piccolo Dolomites Mountain Group

Italiaoutdoors guide to the Piccolo Dolomites

A small group of Peaks that sit above the town of Schio in the Vicenza Province. The group is made up of Pasubio, Craega, Cornetto and Cinque Croce. The peaks are just over 200 meters and have the same rugged shape, with individual towers, like the Dolomites. Thus they get their name as a smaller version of the Dolomiti. The area was part of the Italian Front during WWI with some intense fighting occurring. Ernest Hemingway was sent to the Red Cross section in Schio when he first arrived in Italy to support the Army Group making attacks on this front.

The Piccolo Dolomiti and Recoaro Mille act as a crown to Recoaro Terme and include the groups of Carega, Sengio Alto, and Pasubio. The tourist attractions in this zone are also outstanding (climbing, excursions, summer and win­ter vacations, snow sports). The plateau of Tonezza del Cimone and the Fiorentini, which is still in the Vicentine area, is crossed by easy new roads; a new residential zone is being built on the Fiorentini; the beautiful snowfields of the zone of Toraro, Campomolon, and Melegnon are being equipped with modern tow equipment.


  • Schio

  • Folgaria

  • Rovereto

  • Recoaro Terme

  • Lavarone

Main Peaks of the Piccolo Dolomites Group

  • Cima Marana 1545 meters
  • Monte Campetto 1662 meters
  • Cima Campo Davanti 1631
  • Cima Mesole 1672 meters
  • Monte Gramolon 1814 meters
  • Monte Zevola 1976 meters
  • Cima Tre Croci 1939 meters
  • Monte Plische 1991 meters
  • Cima Carega 2259 meter
  • Il Fumante 1983 meters
  • Monte Baffelan 1793 meters
  • I Tre Apostoli 1743 meters
  • Monte Cornetto 1899 meters
  • Soglio Dell’Incudine 2114 meters
  • Cima Palon 2232 meters

Mountain Huts in the Piccolo Dolomites Group

  • Rifugio Albergo Bepi Bertagnoli, 1225 meters
  • Rifugio Cesare Battisti alla Gazza 1265 meters
  • Refugee Campogrosso 1456 meters
  • Rifugio Citta di Schio 1500 meters
  • Rifugi-Alberghi al Posso del Pian delle Fegazze
  • Rifugio di Revolto 1136 meters
  • Rifugio-Albergo Passo Pertica 1152 meters
  • Rifugio Pompeo Scalorbi 1767 meters
  • Rifugio Mario Fraccaroli 2230 meters