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Varese Province | Lombardia Region

Guide To the Varese Province

Map to the Varese province of the Lombardy Region

The Varese Province is located at the base of the Alpine Foothills and is a Province marked by water, valleys and castles. Seen from above, the terrain is a palette of colors - a patchwork of mountains, valleys, woods and rivers. Approximately ten lakes of glacial origins make up the Province's environs: they include Lake Varese, Lake Maggiore, Lake Ceresio and Lake Verbano, fed by a myriad of rivers and streams, such as the Olona and Ticino.

Mountains dominate the north, giving way to hills and valleys and, eventually, flatland in the south. The landscape is embellished with beautiful villas and lovely gardens in the Italian and British styles, as well as parks, bell towers and sheltered villages.

The valleys are traversed by ancient trails and pathways that should be discovered unhurried, on foot, horseback or by bike, especially in spring and autumn.

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