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Guide To the Lecco Province

The Province of Lecco (It. Provincia di Lecco) is a province in the Lombardy region of Italy. Its capital is the city of Lecco. On 1 January 2001 the province had a population of 311,452 on a surface of divided in 90 comunes. The Province of Lecco is situated in northern central Italy. It is bordered to the north and west by the Province of Como, to the east and north with the Province of Sondrio, to the east by the Province of Bergamo, and to the south with the Province of Monza and Brianza. The Province of Lecco lies on the eastern shores of Lake Como; Lecco itself is an array of centuries-old villas and parks decorating a mighty, mountainous background. The city of Lecco grew rapidly beginning with the Industrial Revolution in the 18th Century, and eventually became one of the most important Italian industrial centers. Today, it is the capital of a wealthy and productive Province.

Map of the Lecco Province in the Lombardy Region, Italy

The province of Lecco has an area of only , with some located across the Adda River, in Valsassina. The remaining land is located in the Oggionese, the Casatese and the Meratese, with an additional belonging to the municipality of Oliveto Lario, located on the other side of Lake Como, in Vallassina, within the pre-Alpine Lecchese. 70% of the province is mountainous and the other 30% is hilly. The highest point is Mount Legnone in the north of the province, high; at the center of the spectacular Grigne. In the west, is Monte Cornizzolo lake at and Monte Rai at . In the east of the province is Monte Serrada and the Resegone di Lecco, with its characteristic shape reminiscent of the teeth of a saw. In the center-south is Monte Barro at , in the Monte Barro Regional Park. The province contains numerous lakes, with Lake Como and Lake Annone in the comunes of Garlate and Olginate. To the west, the comunes of Rogeno, Bosisio Parini and Cesana Brianza overlook Lake Pusiano. There is also an abundance of rivers, including the main Adda river and the Lambro, running through Costa Masnaga, Rogeno and Nibionno. Other smaller rivers are the Molgora, the Bévéra, a tributary of the Lambro, the Pioverna flowing in Valsassina, and Varro flowing in Val Varrone.

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