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Udine Province|Friuli Venezia Guilia Region

Guide To the Udine Province


The Udine Province is located in the Emila Romagna Region of Italy. The province is bordered by Pordenone Province, Gorizia Province, Adriatic Sea, and Austria.

The province of Udine covers an area of 4,905 and borders Austria to the north, Slovenia to the east and the Adriatic sea to the south. Udine ProvinceProvince of Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia As is common with the rest of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, the province of Udine has a wide and varied landscape, most of which is unspoiled and a haven for nature lovers. The mountains are a popular destination for skiers with many well populated ski slopes such as Forni di Sopra, Ravascletto and Sella Nevea.

The coastal area is a popular holiday destination in the summer months and there is abundant wildlife, including a bird oasis in the beautiful lagoon area. The clear, calm sea and long golden beaches make it a perfect destination for family summer holidays.


Lake Fusine Udine Province

Lake Fusine Udine Province

Lignano Udine Province

Lignano Udine Province

Monte Lussari Udine Province

Monte Lussari Udine Province

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