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Sella Nevea is a high mountain pass and ski resort in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of northeast Italy. Sella Nevea is a località of the comune of Chiusaforte, in the province of Udine.

Sella Nevea is a pass in the Julian Alps, located between the mountains of Jôf di Montasio and Mount Canin. It lies on the road between Tarvisio and Chiusaforte, via Cave del Predil (German: Raibl, Slovene: Rabelj). Sella Nevea is on the main alpine watershed and divides the basin of the Mediterranean Sea from the Black Sea. Ten km away lies the picturesque and uncontaminated Raibl Lake (also known as Lago di Cave del Predil or Lago del Predil), which is used for canoeing, wind-surfing, and other water sports.

For much of its history Sella Nevea was an agricultural area. It was also the scene of a battle in World War I. Sella Nevea started its modern development in 1970, when the first ski runs were built. Projected to be a heaven for winter sports, Sella Nevea's development suffered a serious setback after a series of avalanches struck it in 1975. In 1980, the company that managed the ski runs went bankrupt. In the 1990s, Sella Nevea's ski runs fell under the control of Promotur, a state-owned but independent company, which took charge of all five main regional ski resorts. In the 90s the Sella Nevea resort suffered from neglect that caused it to lose popularity. Promotur said repeatedly that despite the potential of the location, nothing further have been done to arrest it's decline. In 2001, preventive measures against avalanches were finally completed. In the meantime, the location grew in popularity as a ski racing training camp. It acquired a reputation for uncrowded slopes.

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