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Gorizia Province|Friuli Venezia Guilia Region

Guide To the Pordenone Gorizia

Covering an area of only 466 the small province of Gorizia borders the province of Udine to the west, Slovenia to the north and east, a narrow strip of the province of Trieste to the the east. The remainder of the province borders the Adriatic sea where it has just under 50km of coastline. Gorizia Province

The Province of Gorizia in the north is fairly hilly and naturally terraced whereas most of the central parts of the province have a karst topography which is formed from soluble rocks including limestone, gypsum and dolomite. This type of terrain is characterised by caves, underground drainage systems and sinkholes. Visually it is rocky with pine forests and a vegetation consisting mainly of vibrant Mediterranean shrub.

The long stretch of Adriatic coastline in the province of Gorizia is completely dominated by the Grado Lagoon. This lagoon covers an area of around and has around 120 small islands all interconnected by canals. The beaches are golden and the whole area is a very popular international holiday destination.

Gorizia Province Map, Friuli Venezia Region

Beaches of Goriza Province

Beaches of Goriza Province

Castel of Gorizia

Castel of Gorizia

Colli Goriziano, Friuli Venezia Region

Colli Goriziano, Friuli Venezia Region

What to Do In the Gorizia Province

Eat, Drink, and Sleep in the Gorizia Province

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