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Savona Province|Liguria Region

Guide To the Savona Province

The province of Savona is part of the Liguria Region of Italy, and located along the Italia Riveria.  The Province is bordered by the Province of Imperia, City of Genova and Province of Genova , the Tyrrhenian Sea, and the Piedmont Region.  The capital of the Province is the town of Savona.

In the province there are four mountain communities, three regional parks and three nature reserves ( the Island of Gallinara, Bergeggi Island, and the Regional Natural Reserve of Rio Torsero). The territory is known for its abundance of natural rock cavities and caves, especially in Varatella and in the municipality of Toirano. Among the most famous is the Cave of the Basura or witch, full of important archaeological traces that has been connected to the Neolithic and early man.

The valleys of Savona are given shape by the two major mountain ranges, the Ligurian Alps or the Maritime (between the Colle di Cadibona and Colle di Tenda) and the Ligurian Apennines. According to studies it is on the hill of Cadibona, to 459 m above sea level, where the two mountain systems are conventionally divided, forming a set of articulated valleys and hills between their different orographic. They consist mostly of large areas of woodland, estimated today at about 64% of the entire provincial territory. This value, called forest area index, represents a kind of Italian record - the national average is 29%, making the Province of Savona the most wooded in Italy. Its forests are formed mostly by chestnut trees, about 30% of the forest land, plus oak, beech, maple, ash, cherry, rowan, alder, hornbeam, poplar and birch,


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