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Albenga is an important seaside resort along the "Riviera di Ponente" (Western Riviera) is situated at the estuary of the Centa river. Albenga was strategically important since Roman times, being on the Via Aurelia, one of the main Roman roads.

The commune includes also the Natural Reserve of the island of Gallinara, where existed a monastery dedicated to St Martin from Tours. Albenga occupies one of the very few plain areas of Liguria, where an intensive agriculture is practised, as well as a rich production of flowers.


  • The historical center, one of the best preserved in the Liguria region, still surrounded by walls, with many towers and medieval palaces.
  • The octagonal Battistero, an early Christian building of the 5th century AD, where a basin for immersion baptism is contained, and mosaic decorations.
  • The Museo Navale Romano, which preserves over 1000 items found on a shipwreck of the 1st century AD
  • Archeological site at the estuary of the Centa - recently a tomb of a girl dating back to the earliest centuries of the Christian era were found; the girl had gold net covering her hair, which is almost a unique finding. Also remains of a spa are being excavated, with a pool of 15x20 meters, which is so far the largest thermal pool found in Italy.
  • The Riserva Naturale Regionale Isola Gallinara, where Roman ships were found, is today a shelter for the Herring Gull, with one of the largest colonies of this bird in the Mediterranean, rare plant species and intact sea bottoms.

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