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The town of Alassio is located along the Italia Riviera in the Savona Province. Alassio is known for its natural and scenic views. The town centre is crossed by a pedestrianized cobbled road known as the Budello. The town has sandy beaches, blue sea, and many bars and restaurants on the sea front. Alassio has also a pier known as "Molo di Alassio" or "Pontile Bestoso" which offers views of the town. Alassio is situated on the Riviera di Ponente coast, and it has a small tourist port (porticciolo) named "Luca Ferrari". It is also a health resort in winter and a bathing place in summer and has many hotels.

Alassio is thought to have been founded in the 10th Century, in the area of "St Anna ai Monti Church" where a family nucleus first resided, then subsequent members moved in the hilly area of "Madonna delle Grazie" which is still known with the name "Caste'". Here one of the first Heraldic symbols of the town is still visible. Control of the town was eventually taken by the monks from the island of Gallinara and later by the commune of Albenga. In 1521 a series of defensive walls was built to defend the town from Barbary pirate raids. It was subsequently a possession of the Republic of Genoa and, from the early 19th century onwards, of the Kingdom of Sardinia. It became part of the Kingdom of Italy in 1861. Alassio became a tourist resort in the late 19th century, thanks to the presence of English tourists.


  • Parish church of St. Ambrose.
  • Palazzo Ferrero de Gubernatis Ventimiglia.
  • Saracen Tower.
  • The Muretto, a wall with 550 tiles signed by celebrities.
  • English-language Library

Savona Province,

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