Rocca di Monfalcone

The town of Monfalcone has always played an important role as a link with Central and East Europe. Its fortress stands on a hill which was strategic for the control of the coastline going from Grado, Trieste up to Istria. During the Roman age, the mouth of the Timavo river was a renowned spa area for the Aquileia inhabitants.

During the Middle Ages there was a small village called Vicus Panzianus, today called Panzano, the heart of the industrial district of Monfalcone.The location of Monfalcone was strategic for the control of the invasions from East Europe. Emperor Ottone I rewarded the Patriarch of Aquileia with the villages and fortresses so as to be protected from the Hungarian invasions. In 1420 Venice conquered the town and its fortress.In the following centuries the Monfalcone area became the scene of many battles against the Turks first and later against the Austrian and the German populations.The fortress was restored in 1525 and has maintained the same style up to today.

The new town of Palmanova overshadowed Monfalcone’s strategic importance. All the areas close to the North-east border were affected by World War I and Monfalcone, claimed by the Italian “nationalist” movement of the Irredentists, became the scene of cruel battles. The town was severely damaged and then conquered by the Austrians after the defeat of Caporetto. It was given back to Italy after the end of the War, on 24th October 1918. The border areas between Italy and the former Jugoslavia were disputed during and after World War II. Monfalcone was definitely given back to Italy on 14th September 1947.   Today, thanks to the ever growing shipyard activities, many other related industrial activities have rapidly expanded and allowed an economic growth as well as a population increase. The chemical, electric, electromagnetic, iron and steel industries are among the most important activities.

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