The Prealps are a group of mountains in the Veneto Region, Lombardy Region, and Friuli Venezia Region of Italy. These mountains were formed by the same plate movement that created the Alps, but since the Italian Dolomites had already been formed, the naming of the group became the Prealpi, or first part of the Alps. The Prealps, are the mountains a traveler sees as they cross the main train lines fro Milano to Venezia, and the unique eco zone that has been created because you can move from just below sea level to 2000 meter (more than 6000 ft in less than 30 kms). These mountains have been home to refugee's during invasions and utilized to develop trade goods for thousands of years.




MT. LESSINIA - A small group of mountains that is made up of the mountain formations of Pasubio, Cornetto, Carega, and Tre Croci . The area is best know as the front for the WWI and the Thermal resort of Recoaro. Today it the area still has an important textile industry along the Valstanga river and the remaining are small farms and hiking areas.

ALTOPIANI ASIAGO - The community of 7 towns sets on a plateau above the city of Vicenza. Well know for Asiago cheese, cross country skiing, and relaxed mountain atmosphere. A unique zone of the Italy.

MONTE GRAPPA - Mt. Grappa sits above Bassano del Grappa the once small commune that sits on Valstanga and the Brenta river. The mountain was one of the sites for the First World War and in modern times has become one of the classic bicycle climbs of the Italia biking folklore.

MT. SOLIGO - The Soligo Mountain Group is off the beaten path of most, but the foothills include the Processo hills and other wine zones. The area is not as well developed for hiking, but there are any classic bike routes in the area.

COL NUDO CAVALLO - This range runs from the south near Vittorio Veneto to the north past Belluno to Longarone. The peaks average 2000 meters and offers good cross country skiing.

CLAUTANI - In the Friuli region these hills are very remote and at one time this upper plateau was a separate nation.

CORNAGET CASERINA - Like the Calutani group this area is under developed and not as frequented as other parts of the Dolomites.

PREALPI GIULIE - These are the hills running from Gemone to Gorizia and the Isonzo river.

MONTE BALDO - The chain of Monte Baldo extends between the Adige and Lake Garda. Because of its position in isolation from other mountains, extending toward the -plain, and dominating the lake, it offers exceptional views. At its feet and on its slopes covered with woods and meadows are many summer-vacation resorts. Vast snowfields are waiting to be opened to skiers. In the zone of Tratto Spino there are very popular snowfields served by the Malcesine cableway; in the zone of Costabella there is modern tow equipment (chair lifts and a cabin lift).



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