Passo Staulanza, Dolomites

Passo Staulanza, sits at an elevation of 1773m. above the sea level, it is a high mountain pass located in the Italian Dolomites.  Passo Staulanza (or Forcella Staulanza) is part of the Belluno Province in the Veneto Region in northeast Italy. The Passo Staulanza connects the southern valley of Zoldo with the Cadore valley in the north, as well the pass separates  Mount Coldai (2.395m) of the Civetta Mountain Group with Monte Pelmo (3.168m), of Pelmo Mountain Group.  There are good facilities in the villages leading up to the Pass but at the summit of the pass there is only one Rifugio.

Passo Staulanza is part of the classic bike tour routes of the Dolomites.  The Giro d'Italia has crossed over the pass several times as a transition to other classic climbs. 

Passo Staulanza also sits on the Alto Vie 1 trail, an upper mountain multi-day trail in the Italian Dolomites.  Both the Civetta Mountain Group to the west and the Pelmo Mountain Group to the east offer great hikes and several classic Alpine climbs.

Passo Staulanza Dolomites

GETTING TO PASSO STAULANZA, ITALIAN DOLOMITES -Passo Staulanze is located along state road 251, which runs from the town of Longarone (just north of Belluno and along the train line), to Selva di Cadore.  The road is surprising large and well maintained, and since it an upper mountain road there are no large trucks and traffic is mild on most days. 

You can reach the Passo Staulanza using the local bus service. 

If you are bike touring the area you can either start you day off by utilizing the train to reach Longarone and then riding northwest toward Done and then up to Passo Staulanza.  After Passo Staulanza descend down to Selva di Cadore where you can either continue to descend to Alleghe or climb Passo Giau and descend down to Cortina d'Ampezzo. 

If you riding from Alleghe you can ride south to Agordo then climb Passo Duran over to the town of Dont and then climb the Passo Staulanza.  The best ride is from Dont up to Passo Staulanza.

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Italiaoutdoors Guide to the Dolomites

Pelmo Mountain Group

Italiaoutdoors guide to the Pelmo Dolomites

The Monte Pelmo - Croda da Lago mountain group, forms one of the nine areas of the Italian Dolomites protected by the prestigious Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  The mountain group covers a vast strip of land running in a Northwest to Southeast direction, stretching down from Monte Penna to Passo Giau (2,236 m), separating the Boite Valley, the val Zoldana, the val Fiorentina and the small side valleys of the tributaries Codalonga and Costeana.  Pelmo sits in the Belluno Province of the Veneto Region.
 The area is dominated by the imposing and solemn bulk of Monte Pelmo (3,168 m) – one of the most beautiful and characteristic peaks of the Dolomites, whose concave shape reminds of a gigantic throne.  This is the reason, it is nicknamed ‘Caregon del Doge’ in the local patois, literally meaning "the Doge’s Seat", while the lower summit is known as Monte Pelmetto (2,990 m).

TOWNS OF THE PELMO GROUP Cortina Forno di Zoldo

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Main Peaks of the Pelmo Group

Monte Pelmetto (2,990 m) Monte Formìn (2,657 m) Monte Cernera (2,657 m) Becco di Mezzodì (2,603 m) La Rocchetta (2,469 m) Croda da Lago (2,701 m)

Mountain Huts in the Pelmo Group

Rifugio Bosconero 

Rifugio Sora Rifugio Tissi
 Rifugio Coldai
 Rifugio Venezia

Rifugio Vazzoler

Rifugio Torrani

Rifugio Pramperet 

Rifugio Monte Rite

Rifugio Talamini Rifugio Carestiato

Rifugio Città di Fiume
 Rifugio Pian de Fontana

Rifugio Remauro
 Rifugio San Sebastiano

Rifugio Duran 
Rifugio Staulanza

Rifugio Palafavera
 Rifugio Monte Pelmo

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