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Italy is an exceptional location, for an active vacation by foot. There are great walks and hikes throughout Italy. Adventuring by foot lets you explore the multi layers of history, culture, the varied geographical profile, and introduce you to small ecosystems that offer a variety of food and wine products.  One of the best things about being a hiker or walker in Italy, is after the hiking is done you can select to be in the mountain hut for solitude or in a small Italian village enjoying a glass of wine and perhaps learning a bit of history. This section is a general guide to assist you in planning your adventure.

Hiking and walking Italy is about exploring the mountains, seashore, islands, and walking through small Italian Villages or major cities. I have been hiking and walking in the Mountains and cities of  Italy since 1985 and there seems to always be more to explore and pieces of history to discover. I have found that with just a pair of boots or walking shoes, Italy has opened many new adventures and experiences in my life, and is perhaps the best way to discover the small tastes of Italy.

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Top Hikes and Walks Destinations in the Italy

You do not have to explore the upper elevations and higher mountains to enjoy walking in Italy. Just about every region in Italy is a great destination for walking. You can learn a lot about the history of Italy by following the original tracks of Roman roads, pilgrimage trails to Rome, or the migration tracks of tribes who have settled in the region over the centuries,  all along the way you will find a fascinating landscape to explore.

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