Where To Eat in Vicenza Province

As you explore the Vicenza province during a bike tour or walking tour there are unlimited choices for food and wine.  Each location enjoys a general type of clientel it is important to observe where the locals are eating and be aware of times.  In Vicenza lunch is generaly served between 12:30 to 2:30, only in Vicenza and perhaps Basano del Grappa, will you find resturants open after those hours.  Dinner generally starts around 7:30 and continues until 22:00, the place will normally be open late into the evening but kitchen service can vary.  Any time you eat expect to spend a couple of hours within the establishment.

Where to eat in the Vicenza Province, Veneto Region Italy.  Great Slow Food restaurants in the Vicenza Province to try during your next vacation.



Bassano Del Grappa

Trattoria Del Borgo

Via Margnan, 7

Tel – 0424-522155


La Ciacolà

Via Marconi, 9

Tel – 0445-300001

Cornedo Vicentino

La Corte

Via Volta, 2 B

Tel 0455-952910



Via Vajenti, 21

Tel – 0424-75859


Da Culata

Via Roi, 47

Tel – 0444-636033


Da Doro

Via Ferracina, 38

Tel – 0424-816026



Alla Sorgente

Via Tenalia, 4

Tel – 0445-661233


Conrà Maso

Hostaria A Le Bele

Via Maso, 11

Tel – 0455-970270

Where to Eat In the City of Vicenza

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