One of the most visited beach resorts of the Upper Adriatic is Bibione and the area is characterized by fine golden sandy beaches. Surrounded by a splendid pine forest, the township of Bibione is known also as "Bibione all beach", due to the size of its sandy shore which stretches for eight kilometers. A great place for children because the shelf of the Adriatic slopes out slowly and even 100 meters off shore the water is still only 1 meter or 2 deep. 

The water is normally warm enough May to September to swim. and this is another place I have used to train for long distance open water swimming. In addition to the beaches, there are the thermal baths. Recently built, the "Bibione Thermae" facility makes use of the beneficial characteristics of the spring waters and makes a good place to recover from a ride or other activity. The township has a refined style with pedestrian areas lined with fashion boutiques and venues that are open all day. A fair ground has also been created where the younger ones can spend evenings of fun after a morning of sea and sun.

Best activities: Road bike, wind surf, kite surf, sailing.

Venice Province,

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