Sottomarina Beach in Italy

Sottomarina beach is a 10 km strip of land along Adriatic sea, it is bordered by the Brenta River on the north and the Adige River on south.  At one time Sottomarina was famous for its soil quality that is particularly suitable for the growing of vegetables, today this area is appreciated for its fine sand that is rich with minerals. Sottomarina is a destination for families to enjoy peacefulness areas suitable for children play on the beach. There are a lot of places to stay and many different activities: parks, structures for volley ball, basket ball, tennis, small harbours, canoeing, centres where visitors can rent windsurfs, and horseback riding schools.

The beach itself and sea flood makes a gradual slope, 100 to 200 meters off shore you will find the depth to be only about 1.5 meters during low tide. This makes the area great for open water swimming and safe for young kids to play in the water.  Further, off-shore the seabed offers SCUBA divers a few unique excursions. There are the tegnùe, small natural reefs that are made up of organisms such as calcareous red algae and a large variety of life forms that populate this seabed.  There are also a few wrecks to dive with most being no deeper than 20 meters.  

Visitors should also go and see the nearby town of Chioggia, a small Venice with streets and canals, palaces and churches and houses with typical chimneys that recall the places told in Goldoni's plays.

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