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Located on the western side of Sardinia, Oristano borders the province of Sassari to the north, Nuoro to the east and the provinces of Medio Campidano and Cagliari to the south. The terrain is natural and varied with much of it protected. Oristano shares the Campidan Plain with the three provinces of Medio Campidano, Carbonia-Iglesias and Cagliari. Part of the Sinis Peninsula is in this province and it also has the Monte Ferru range with Monte Urtigu being the highest peak at 1000 metres. It has over 90 km of coastline with beautiful sandy beaches broken by rocky cliffs and outlets. Some of the most spectacular beaches are near Is Autas and these mainly made up of small quartz grains. Just off the coast is a small island called Mal di Ventre which has a spring water pool which allows the likes of rabbits, tortoises and other small reptiles and birds to survive there.


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