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Mount Canin | Julian Alps


monte canin

Mount Canin is a mountain in the Julian Alps on the border of Slovenia and Italy. Its highest summit, Big Mount Kanin is 2,587m above sea level. It separates the upper Soča Valley in Slovenia from the Resia Valley in Italy. On the Slovenian part of the mountain, which is part of the Municipality of Bovec, lies an important ski resort, which is the highest in the country. There is also a cave on the mountain, the Vrtoglavica Cave, that holds the record for having the deepest single vertical drop ( pitch) of any cave on earth, at a depth of . Mount Kanin is an important identity symbol of the people of the Resia Valley, and several popular songs in the Resian dialect are dedicated to the mountain, which the locals call Höra ta Ćanïnawa, or simply Ćanen.

Hiking Routes on Mount Canin

  • 2½hrs From D Postaja (The D-station of the Gondola lift), a challenging marked route.
  • 5hrs From B Postaja (The B-station of the Gondola lift), a very challenging marked route.
  • 6¼hrs From the Sella Nevea pass, climbing the via ferrata Rosalba Grasselli, a very challenging marked route.
  • 4¾hrs From the Sella Nevea pass, climbing the via ferrata Divisione Julia, a very challenging marked route.

Tarvisio | Udine Province


Lago fusine

Tarvisio (German and Friulian: Tarvis) is a comune (town) in the Province of Udine, the northeastern part of the autonomous Friuli-Venezia Giulia region in Italy. The town is located in the Canal Valley (Val Canale), between the Carnic Alps and Karawanks ranges in the north and the Julian Alps in the south. Located at the border with both Austria and Slovenia, Tarvisio and its neighbouring municipalities of Arnoldstein and Kranjska Gora form the tripoint of Romance, Germanic and Slavic Europe. The height west of the town centre marks the watershed between the Slizza creek, a tributary of the Gail River which is part of the Danube basin, and the Fella River, tributary of the Tagliamento discharging into the Adriatic Sea.


Tarvisio features include the parish church Saints Peter and Paul, built in the 15th century, as well as sceneries like the Fusinelaghi mountain lakes. At the summit of the Mount Lussari is a pilgrimage church, where according to legend in 1360 a shepherd discovered a statue of Virgin Mary. The church and the nearby ski centre can be reached by cable car from Malborghetto Valbruna. The area around the Sella Nevea mountain pass between Tarvisio and Chiusaforte is also a popular ski resort.


Tarvisio has access to the A23 Alpe-Adria autostrada, part of the European route E55, running from the Austrian A2 Süd Autobahn to Udine, and the A4 autostrada at Palmanova. The Tarvisio railway station is located at the new Pontebbana line from Villach to Udine opened in 2000, that replaced the tracks of the former Austro-Hungarian k.k. Staatsbahn built in 1879.

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