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Climbing Guide to the Veneto

Rockclimbing Guide to the Province of Vicenza

Having climbed in the Vicenza Province for so many years I have forgotten at times the amount of routes and diversity of the climbing available.  At one time I climbed over 250 days a year and never traveled more that 75 km, nor repeated a climb less than 7b twice during the year.  At the height of the climbing years of the 90's there were probably over 5000 bolted routes within a 50 km radius of Vicenza.  So of the sites have gone into disrepair others no longer allow access but there are still plenty of sites to keep you busy during a vacation to the area.  And what other climbing destination allows you to sip a cafe in the square with Palladio building or visit Venezia on a rest day.

Lumignano Climbing Area

Berici Hills Climbing Area

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