Travel Guide to Fruili Venezia Guilia Region

Friuli Venezia Region Of Italy

Historically, parts of the Friuli Venezia region has been part of Austria, then later part of Yugoslavia before becoming a part of Italy.  The region that is now known as Friuli Venezia Giulia was  created as an autonomous Italian region in 1963.  As you travel the region you will see the influences of these historic powers have had over the area even today.) From north to south there is a big difference in the appearance of the region. Heading north from the coast there are large lagoons to cross that are popular with nature lovers and an extensive area of flat agricultural terrain. Then you enter into the hills of the Prealps where  vineyards cover the central area  and the Carso plateau along the border with Slovenia. Further, to the north and east of you reach the high mountain scenery of the Julian Alps  and  Friuli Dolomites that dominate the horizon in Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

Friuli-Venezia region is away from the more popular destinations in Italy and has plenty to discover.  The region is an ideal destination for those wishing to avoid the tourist hordes and explore somewhere new. Among the highlights in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, is the town of Udine, and the nearby  towns of Spilimbergo and San Daniele. As well, the colourful town at Gorizia and the Lombardy style town at Cividale del Friuli are great places to visit. Other suggested destinations include the towns of Grado and Pordenone, while the Carso valley and plateau contains several attractive hill towns and villages that are quite isolated. Also in the region are some impressive Roman ruins at Aquileia, reminding is of the towns important role as a centre of Roman Italy and now a UNESCO protected heritage site. The City of Trieste is the known for its cafe and the being where James Joyce lived for a time should be a must.  Near Trieste be sure to visit the Grotte Gigante, the largest (visitable) cave system in the Europe. If you like beaches the region is border by the western part of the Adriatic coast with sandy beaches and popular resorts such as Lignano Sabbiadoro and Grado. While the section of coast to the east of Monfalcone has more dramatic scenery with cliffs of the Gulf of Trieste.  Here you will also find the castle at Miramare, Trieste and the old harbour at Muggia.In the northern part of the region there are a few popular ski areas that include Forni di Sopra, Piancavallo, Ravascletto and Tarvisio.  The northern part of the Region borders Austria with whom Italy fought against in WW1.  The old battle grounds of Caporetto, the Redipulgia memorial and area near the Piave are all interesting sites to visit.

Provinces of the Region

Trieste Province

Udine Province

Pordenone Province

Gorizia Province

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Top Outdoor Activities in the Friuli Venezia Region

Because of this mixed geography the region has both popular coastal destinations in the summer and mountain ski resorts in the winter, as well as year round opportunities to enjoy the impressive scenery. 

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