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Bike Tour the Italian Prealps that are located in the Veneto Region and Lombardy Region.  The Italian Prealps is the best choice for the cyclist who wishes to bike tour and culture touring.  You can ride the wine roads and towns of the old Venetian Republic and ride a great climb up to 2000 meters.  Also riding the Italian Prealps let you extend your riding season in the mountains and classic climbs.

Italian Prealps Mountains Map


You can add the Veneto Region and Lombardy Region Prealps to your bike trip during the months of April through October.  The Veneto Region Prealps are more flexible than the Lombardy Region due to the warmer climate created by the Adriatic Sea.  As well the Veneto region offers a greater mix of cultural activities, so if you are vacationing with a non-rider there is plenty to keep them busy.


Cyclist visiting the Prealps will always be more comfortable on their own bike.  The rides then to be around 12 km of switchback roads bringing you from 100 meters elevation to 1800 meters.  The weather changes are not as drastic so you can get do gauge what you need on the ride by the temps in the valley.  However, many of the small roads are very isolated so a support vehicle is recommended for snacks, water, and emergency break downs.  One of the things I enjoy is that I can get in 3 to 4 thousand metres of climbing without being more than 50 kms from me base.

Strong cyclist riding a 53/39 should at least have a 27 or 28 on the rear cog.  Keep in mind that many of the Prealps climbs have some steep grades but they are not long.  A compac is a great choice and at least a 27 in the rear, less fit or first time riders will want a 29.  Due to the varity of terrain I find that a triple works great when my legs do not have that many miles in them, so a 26 or 28 in the rear are welcomes on some of the grades that can average 18 to 20%.  Riders that do not like hills or feel they wish to be more comfortable should consider a Mountain Bike setup with a rear cog of 36. 


If you are planning a bike trip in the Veneto Prealps the best locations to base yourself are the: Verona Province, Vicenza Province, and Treviso Province.  If you want to challenge yourself on the Lombardy Prealps you should consider either Bergamo or Como as locations to stay. 

The best location to ride the best of these climbs is Asolo or Bassano del Grappa.


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cansiglio 1

Great ride and climb just northeast of Vittorio Veneto and Conegliano.  You can get to either place to start the ride.  My suggestion is that if you are arriving on the train jump off at Conegliano and finish your route in Vittorio Veneto.  You you are planning on an overnight stay in the area I like Vittorio Veneto as a more relaxed location and better base for more rides where you do not have to deal with traffic.

 pian cansiglio vittorio

The route profile shown above is the ride I did starting at the Conegliano train station and ending in Vittorio Veneto.  It looks inviting to ride the opposite way, but it is not a very good ride. 

Riding out of Conegliano follow signs to Vittorio Veneto - Colle Umberto - Sarmode - Bosco del Cangsilgo - Farra - Vittoria Veneto.

From the walled city of Conegliano, the birthplace of the famous artist Cima da Conegliao (15th century) you take a secondary road toward Vittoria Veneto.  This is a good flat section to warm up the legs.  In Sarmode you will start the log climb up to the Cansiglio.  The area you are riding through is the birth place of Ottavio Bottecchia, Italy's first Tour d'France Winner and were the annual race 'Giro del Belvedere' is held. 

The climb is 15.5 km and one of the longest in the area.  There are no stretches that allows a rest and average grade is 6.5%.  On the lower part of the climb you get some great views of the Piave and lower valley, around 800 meters the environment changes and you are in the Cansiglio woods.  The climb tops out at Crosetta, (where many of the Italian and European Mountain Bike championships have been held), this upper plain is still covered by silver fir, spruce, and beeches which were once cut to provide wood for the Venezia sailing fleets.  Surrounding the upper plain are mountain peaks of Pizzoc, Monte Cavallo and Alpago, along the main route you will see the right turn that will take to the Mt. Pizzoc peak. This is a nice extra 500 meters of elevation gain and offers you some great photos.

There are plenty of places to stop for a caffe at the local hotels and sports centers but you might want to stop at the small village still made up of the Cimbri population whom are originally from the Bavaria area of Germany.  Today's inhabitant's still maintain the language and lifestyle of the orginal settles.  The upper plain lasts for about 7 km and when you cross the provincial border into Belluno you will start the steep and technical descent toward Spert. 

At the Spert you will follow the signs toward Vittoria Veneto riding along the shores of Lago S. Croce, (well known for wind surfing).  This is a nice road with little traffic most of the day and you will follow it down into Vittoria Veneto.

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