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Rock Climbing Italy, Naga

The Rock Climbing site known as Nago is located just west of the small town of Nago.  The town sits overlooking the Lake of Garda (Italy's largest lake) and is perhaps the second most visited climbing site in the area.  The climbing site offers over 120 routes at average grade of 6b, so this attracts lots of climbers.  There are plenty of lower grades to work on and improve your skill levels and the location is very scenic.


Nearest City Nago, Trento
Type of Site Sport Climbing Site
Type of Rock Limestone, edges
Best time of Year Spring and Fall, but you can also climb in the summer late afternoon
Grades 4 - 8a
Map or Guidebook Within Arco there is a complete guide book for the area
Reachable by Public Transportation Public bus will get you to Nago and then it is a 20 minute walk up to the site.
Visitor Rating 2-3 days
Rock Climbing Italy, Nago Map



From Arco by car 7,5 km (or 9,5 km), then 5-10 minutes on foot.
From the bridge over the river Sarca follow the SS240 for Rovereto. Reaching the roundabout at Nago continue straight ahead, passing the Hotel Rubino after the traffic lights, turn right following the indications for Strada Monte Baldo. Continue for 1 km passing through the vineyards to reach the junction signposted Capitello S. Giuseppe. 
For the lower sectors: enter the track on the right and continue for 400 metres until reaching a convenient parking spot next the Ranch house. Leave the car and continue along the Sentiero della Pace for 300 meters. At the first fork turn left (signposted Malga Zures) and continue ahead until arriving at a wall below the first lower sector and Mangusta sector. From here it is easy to reach sectors la Mandria and Centrale (and the other sectors).
For the higher sectors (Spleen, Il Tasso and I Ciclopi): once reached the junction marked by the Capitello S. Giuseppe continue ahead along the tarmac road, climbing towards Monte Baldo and passing through olives and pines with fine views across Lago di Garda. After 2 km park on the left by the side of the road directly in front of the top sectors. Leave your car and head towards the bend and go into the woods. Follow the evident path always straight and in 5 minutes reach Sector I Ciclopi and successively to the other sectors Il Tasso, Spleen and Central.


SECTOR MANGUSTA               
Without name ?
Flash 7c
Without name ?
Without name ?
Without name 7c
Der sonne entgegen 7c/+
Mangusta 8c
Black tooth grin 8a+/b   
California 91 7a+/b
Warbeast  8c+
Ghost rider 8c
Great southern trendkill      8b+
No hope goat farm 8c+
Without name ?
Moustache corner 8a
Without name 8a
Without name 8a/b
Via Nicola 7c+
Ssoul 8b/+
Without name ?
Without name ?
Without name 7a+
Without name ?
Un bar per Rita 5c
Without name ?
Buon anno 5b
Fufi 6b
Without name ?
Bucking bronco 8c+
Without name ?
Without name 6b+
Without name 6a/b
Without name ?
Without name 5c
Without name 6b
Without name 6a
Without name 6a/b
Vogue 6a
Nuvola rossa 6a
Giochi d'ombra 5c
Take it easy 5c
Without name 5b
Without name 4c
Without name 4c
Without name 5b
Without name 4b
Il calabrone  5c
Ramba 6a+
Without name 5a
Phanton 6b+
Chiedi a Beppo 6b
Panorama 6b+
Kira 7a+
Il panettiere 6c+
Dee e socia 7b+
Mario lo sa 7b
Ruggiero lo perfido 6a+
Fuori orario 6c
Bali 6a
Visigoti 6a
Unni 4c
Zuppa zupa 2c/6a
Parampopoli 2c/6a+
Alcor 5b
Winkibongo 5a
Asdù 5b
Enzo Molinari 6a
Il capriccio 7c
Supermario 7c
Gobazio 6a/b
La mandria 6a
Mario Polenta  6a
Jeffo 6a+
Lillilla 6a+
La placca  5b/6b
Cato zulù 6b+
Lo sconosciuto 6b+
Peach pitt 6c
Torpedo 7a+
Mammalucco 7a
Genesi 7a
Nibbio 6b+
Uccelli di rovo 7b+
Astuzio 6b+
Esuli lontani 7a
La nonna va in Australia 6c+
Tasmania 7a
Crisalide 6c
Coda di porco 6b
Facile 5a
Asdo da melch 7c
Grisù 7a+
Lucacapiotti 7b+
Dago 7b+
Eh mersh 7b
Culo dritto 7b
Huligani dangeraux 7a+
Passeggeri del vento 7b+
Lunatica 7b
Boulevard 7c
Per sempre Mary 7b+
I soliti ignoti 7a
Sbargek 6b+
Lupo Alberto 6c+/7a+  
Titanic 7a
Iceberg 7a+
Gandalf 6c+
Esodo 6b
Cohelet 6b+
Swami il bullo 5b
Nillo il bello 5b
Troppo buoni con le donne         5c
Nevermore 6c+
Spleen 6a+
Eqinox 6a+
Gerico 6a
Night'fly 5c
Super tramp 5c
Good bye stranger 6a
Cif 5c
Ragioner Filini 5b
Mega direttore 5c
Alvarez 6b+
Aquilante  6b
Generale 6c
Firmink 6b
Il Fachiro 6b+
Patti sassi 5b
King Lear 7a+
Cassio 6c+
Iago 6b
Rosencrantz 7a+
Guildenstern 6b+
Medea 6a+
Agave 7b
Elena 6b+
Gonnerilla 7a
Regana 6c
Cordelia 6c
Albatros 7a
Little crack 5c
Idich 6b
Franz und Andrea 7a
Das glassperlenspiegel 6c
Patience dans l'azur 6c+
Cyclops 7a
Odyssey 7b+
Nausicaa 7b
Prometeus 7a+/7a
Stenghel manica 5+
La tana dei ciclopi 7a+
Lotus 7b+/8a
Heracles 7c/7c+
Mac Becht 7c
Marino il malandrino 4b
Ugo paciugo 4b
Pio albergo trivulzio 6c
C'è qualcosa 6a

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