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Asiago | Vicenza Province

Communita di Asiago


Asiago, Vicenza Province of Italy

The main town in the ancient community of the Sette Comuni (7 towns), the area has a Nordic feel and was a main battle front between the Italian and Austrians during the Great War. Asiago is the obvious base for explorations of the cheese-making and other culinary traditions of the area.

Today the town is more modern having been completely rebuilt after the First World.  Asiago is now a center for winter sports and mountain biking in the summer.  The city honors it's role in WWI and is a great visit for anyone wishing to discover parts of history not as well known.

Asiago, Land of Cheese and Mountain BikingWHAT TO SEE IN ASIAGO

  • Museo del Sacario Militare - exhibits from WWI, with scale models reconstructing the main events. 
  • Museo Naturalistico Didattico - an exhibit of typical Asiago mountains floral and wildlife.
  • The Ossuary -  A monument to the fallen of the war.


The Asiago cheese is the best known Vicentine food product and an in the Asiago area the quality level is excellent.. The Cheese takes its name from the famous town on the Asiago and 7 Commons Plateau, where it was first made 7 centuries ago.

Stravecchio di malga from the Plateau of Asiago is an aged cheese produced from cow’s milk, which has semi-cooked, hard pasta. It is produced with raw milk with the addition of curds and salt. This cheese is produced exclusively in the period when the animals are at pasture, normally from milk produced by the brown alpine, Fresian and Rendena races. This cheese has been famous for at over three hundred years.


  • Da Barba - via Pòslen 40, Tel 0424463363
  • Erica - Via Garibaldi 55, Tel 0424462113,
  • Golf Hotel Villa Bonomo, via Pennar 322, Tel 0424460408
  • Linta Park Hotel - via Linta 6, Tel 0424462753
  • Casa Rossa - Kaberlaba, via Kerlaba 19, Tel 0424462017
  • Da Riccardo al Maddarello - Via Val Maddarello 88,  Tel 0424462601


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