Town of Soave, Italy

Soave is a lovely and historic small town near Verona that should be on every ones "to visit" list when traveling through the Veneto. A medieval walled city and one of the Touring Club Itailiano's "Comune Bandiera Arancione", Soave has a rich history and cultural tradition, and one of the best wine zones in Italy.  Being off the main travel lines Soave is a great active vacation area for walking or biking.

Located at the foot of the Lessini Mountains and overlooks the valley where the river Tramigna flows. The enchanting Castle bordered by ancient wall and 24 towers is the symbol of the city. The tower stands as a testimony of ancient torture and imprisonment, but today it is a venue for events, festivals and historic events. From the castle you can enjoy a romantic landscape filled with gentle hills and vineyards. These landscapes that allow for leisurely walks are also filled with precious treasures of art and architecture, such as the Building of Justice with its loggia and the Scaliger Building, today's town hall. Passing the Building of Horses, tourists can not turn down a visit to the Church of San Giorgio. The ancient Cathedral often hosts concerts of sacred music, while the church of St. Mary of the Dominican fathers is now the City's Library.

Soave famous for its famous white wine. The garganega grapes of the vines that grow on the hills are used to make DOC and DOCG Soave and DOCG Recioto di Soave; these wines are very popular abroad. Wine Making traditions and historic events are celebrated together in May during the "Bianco di Soave Medieval Wine Fair".

Enter the walled city though Porta Verona and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.  Taste some wine or just stroll the main street and have a pastry or cafe.  Then go for a walk or bike ride in the hills around the city.

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