The Town Of Asolo  In The Veneto Region


Asolo is one of the many locations in Italy I feel is a perfect spot to linger.  Located in wooded hillsides under watch of an old fortress, it one of the places that gives you the feel of being in another world.  Of course the modern world impinges, but even with the cars filing through narrow lanes or parked in the piazza, Asolo still has very much the air of a town where the insights why former residents like Robert Browning and Freya Stark would sip tea in the square and write. This hill town with its refreshing breezes through out history was a favoured resort of rich and cultured foreigners and Italians.  Asolo doesn't have easy transport links, so still maintains its exclusivity, and the seductive atmosphere of a world apart.

Although the town has several specific tourist sights, described below, the atmosphere, views and general charm is the biggest draw: this is a 'lifestyle' destination. Here is a place you can live extremely well here, enjoying rich local food, fine local wines - including Prosecco from the surrounding region, evening walks to admire the views, and then retiring to the comfort of a high-standard hotel. It's easy to see the town's main charms in a day, though to appreciate the laid-back atmosphere and good dining, you should consider staying a few night.

This a great location to base yourself to explore the surrounding area and Venice.  The two hotels are a big pricey but you would pay more staying in Venice itself and with so planning you see real Italy.  For active travels that want to life the good life a few days it is also the perfect base in the Veneto, with great cycling and walks in the Prealps.

What to See in Asolo

The town's tourist information centre is located in the main square across from the church. They have useful maps of the town and area in several languages including English.

1. Piazza Garibaldi
2. Cattedrale
3. Palazzo della Loggia
4. Villa Freya
5. Castello della Regina
6. Casa Duse
7. Villa Contarini
8. Casa Longabardo
9. Rocca
10. Cimitero di Sant'Anna
11. Chiesetta di Santa Caterine d'Alessandria
12. Convento dei SS. Pietro e Paolo
13. Chiesa di San Gottardo

  • La Rocca Asolo
  • Asolo Treviso

    Where to Stay in Asolo

    From our experience the best host of the city is Al Sole (and one of the best hotels in the Veneto). 

    • Al Sole, via Callegia 33, tel 0423951332
    • Villa Cipriani, via Canova 298, 0423523411
    • Hotel Duse

    Where to Eat in Asolo

    See out Map above for food suggestions.

    Places we like

    • Ca Dertan, Piazza G D'Annunzio 11, tel 0423529648
    • Ai Due Archi, via Roma 55, tel 0423952201

    How to Get To Asolo

    The easiest way to reach Asolo without a car is to take a taxi for at least the last leg of your journey, and this is what I'd recommend doing if you can fit it in your budget. Local hotels will help you organise a transfer, either from an airport (Treviso is the closest, followed by Venice Marco Polo) or from a railway station. A general budget is to plan around  100 to 150 euros from Venice Marco Polo, or 45 euros from Castelfranco Veneto train station station for a taxi transfer. There is a small taxi rank outside Castelfranco Veneto station, so if you're travelling independently this saves time and effort on the final stage of your journey. After flying into Venice Marco Polo Airport catch the ATVO bus to Mestre railway station, then a train to Castelfranco Veneto. The taxi ride from Castelfranco Veneto takes approximately 25 minutes will cost around and cost 50 euro.

    Other Sites Arround Asolo

    Close to Asolo are the charming towns of Treviso and Vicenza, both of which offer splendid architecture, art museums and restaurants and are good for a full day, or a longer stay. Nearby picturesque towns for a few hours' exploration include Bassano del Grappa, walled cities of Cittadella, lMarostica, and Castelfranco Veneto.  Also there are the Prosecco hills, Monte Grappa, and the Montello which were battlefronts during the First World War. 

    Walled city of Castelfranco Veneto

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