Battaglia Terme | Veneto Region


Battaglia Terme sits along the Battaglia canal that was main commercial route for good and people to the sea ports near Chioggia. There is still a medieval town center and picturesque bridges over the Venetian style canal. An interesting stop is the Museo della Navigazione Fluviale and see the way of life and old ferry equipment, much of it very similar to what was utilized along the canals dug in the United States a few hundred years later.

There are several monuments and artistic treasures to visit; the San Giacomo Parish Church, the 135 steps that lead up to the XVII century villa Selvatico-Sartori with its frescos by Luca Ferrari da Reggio, and an English style garden designed by Giuseppe Jappelli (also famous for building the historic Caffe Pedrocchi in Padua. Just outside the town is the Catajo Castle with over 350 rooms.

Padova Province,, Euganean hills,

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