The vast green mass of land next to the Dolomites is the perfect habitat for outdoor cattle farming, and it is possible to obtain excellent raw materials to make exquisite high-quality specialties. Ancient techniques, practised with love do the rest. The main ingredients of Belluno’s cuisine are simplicity and genuineness, together with delicious cheese, excellent meat and tasty cold cuts.  And, obviously, there is the main ingredient of the Venetian art of cooking: polenta. It can be a single course or perfectly served with a slice of Casél dell’Agordino, Contrin, Nevegal or Casalingo d’Alpago, great local dairy products.

Polenta can also be served with a slice of exquisite speck ham of Cadore or salame from the Belluno area, both of them made with the meat from Alpine reared cattle.  Another typical dish that reflects traditional local flavors is polenta served with game.  For any other combination it is worthwhile exploring the area of Belluno and taste the original and exquisite recipes of the locals.

Amongst the traditional specialties there is kodinzon, a jam made with dried apples from local cultivation. The apples are cooked to obtain a purée, then dried; the Pastin, flat meat balls made with sausage then fried or grilled.  Another good recipe is the Risotto Lamonese, called “the food of the poets,” with exquisite Lamon beans flavoured with bay leaves.

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