bike touring the rovigo province

When you bike in the Rovigo Province of Italy you will not be challenged with any hills. The province sits on the northern banks of the Po and southern banks of the Adige, most of this is reclaimed land that was once marshland and swamp. The are tracks that have historical sites dating back to the Romans and the province is part of the bread basket of northern Italy. Riding is mostly along canals and country roads and the landscape in never changing at times so you want to time your visit with the blooming of Spring or the harvest in the Fall. Also understanding the history and layout of the province, otherwise you could be riding nondescript roads for hours.

I enjoy bike riding in Rovigo and was a perfect destination for getting younger family members into shape to ride and explore some forgotten history of Italy. The top places to ride are:

  1. Destra del Po - this is a marked bike route that follows the course of the Po River.
  2. Tracing the Adige River - Not a marked bike route but plenty of secondary roads and lots of hidden histories.
  3. Po Delta - This is wetlands national reserve.

Bike the Rovigo province if you have the chance and if you like relaxed and exploring types of rides this can be a great option.· The best way to explore this province is by bicycle.

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