Rock Climbing Basilicata Region

Basilicata lies in southern Italy. It faces the Gulf of Taranto (Ionian Sea) to the southeast and the Gulf of Policastro (Tyrrhenian Sea) to the southwest and borders with Campania to the west, Puglia to the north and to the northeast and Calabria to the south: its borders, largely conventional, are the result of complex historical events.

The mountain scenery is arid and craggy but fascinating, the `Lucanian Dolomite's' are exceptional, or wooded and wild, as in the Pollino area, with a wealth of natural attractions, or complete with a number of lovely little lakes. Not to be forgotten are the typical inland villages perched on the hills, where time seems to have passed them by; there ancestral traditions and life styles still exist, together with many noteworthy artistic buildings. There are only a few developed cliffs in the region, but there is potential for much more. The problem thus far for me is making it all the way south to explore the area regularly.


If you can get to one of the sites I have described: be sure and buy the local guidebook if it is being sold by someone who has bolted routes in the area. The routes I recommend and routes I have tried over the years, I cannot tell you how some of the routes are now since I do not climb at the same level.

The Rock Climbing Sites of Basilacata:
Pietra Maura Rock Climbing
Monte Armizzone Rock Climbing
Viggiano Rock Climbing
Matera Climbing Area, Maetera Province
Rock Climbing Guide to the Basilicata Region, Italy