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Pordenone Province|Friuli Venezia Guilia Region

Guide To the Pordenone Province

The province of Pordenone is the westernmost of the four provinces in the autonomous region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia in northeastern Italy. It is bounded to the east and north by the Province of Udine. To the west lies the Province of Belluno, to the southwest the Province of Treviso and to the south, the Province of Venice, all in the region of Veneto. The province is located in the lowlands of the Po-Venetian Valley, south of the Venetian Prealps and the Alpine foothills of Friuli. It is the only province in the autonomous region that does not border on the Adriatic Sea. The provincial capital is the city of Pordenone, an ancient port on the River Noncello.

The Province of Pordenone has an area of 2,273 square kilometres borders Veneto to the south and west and the province of Udine to the north and east. It has a varied landscape with rocky moutains in the north, gentle hills and deep, narrow valleys in the centre and endless plains in the south. Pordenone ProvinceProvince of Pordenone, Friuli-Venezia Giulia Full of tiny, charming villages, stunning parks, rivers with clear blue water, national parks, caves and ravines this province is quite rightly famous for its natural beauty. The deep roots of the complicated history of this area are evident everywhere and the old traditions and trades are still followed throughout the province. The Venetian and Austrian influences remain visible.

As with the other provinces in this region Pordenone has a thriving wine industry in which some very fine wines are produced.

Pordenone Province, Friuli Venezia Region

Piancavallo, Pordenone Province

Piancavallo, Pordenone Province

Village of Casso, Pordenone Province

Village of Casso, Pordenone Province

Town of Sacile, Pordenone Province

Town of Sacile, Pordenone Province

What to Do In the Pordenone Province

Eat, Drink, and Sleep in the Pordenone Province

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