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Passo Manghen Dolomites

Passo Manghen sits at 2047 meters a.s.l., int eh Lagorai Mountain Group of the Italian Dolomites.  Located in the Trentino Alto Adige Region Paso Manghen connects the town of Borgo Valsugana with the town of Molina in the Fiemme Valley. The Manghen Pass is not well known outside of Italy, but it is one of the classic climbs of the Giro d'Italia, and on most local cyclist to do list. 

To reach Passo Manghen by bicycle there are two start points.  The classic and hardest route is from Borgo Valsugana, 23 km in length, and just over 7% average grade. From Molina the bike climb is shorter at just over 16 km, and the average grade is 7.4%, but there are no extreme grades of 15% like on the southern side.  This is a great early season ride but since the road is not open to commercial traffic it is not always cleared of snow. During the summer months this is a popular motorcycle route so riding on a Sunday can be busy.

Passo Manghen Dolomites


Located in the Trento Province you can get a train from the city of Trento to Borgo Valsugana or a Train from Bassano del Grappa in the Veneto Region.  The closest train station Molina, on the northern side is Ora/Auer, you can get a bus from here to Molina. 

If you are arriving by bicycle you can ride the Valsugana bike path from Bassano del Grappa or Trento.  I would not ride the State Road from Ora/Auer since there is heavy traffic, but you can ride the Provincial road 632 from Trento.  If you are arriving from the central Italian Dolomites you can your the Fiemme Valley bike path from Predazzo, the passes of: Passo Lavase, Passo Rolle, Passo S. Pellegrino, Passo Brocon, and Passo Costalunga all can be connected to Passo Manghen.


Bike Tour Passo Manghen Riding the Climb from Borgo Valsugana

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