Outdoor Skills


Before you set out on our trek in the Mountains of Italy, Austria, or Germany keep in mind that there are a few general rules everyone is expected to follow.  It is always wise to review these viewpoints, not only to keep yourself safe but to keep other excursionist safe.

  • Never underestimate the dangers and risks associated with any type of activity connected to the mountains and to hostile environments in general (mountaineering, speleology, skiing, mountain biking, hunting, mushroom picking, delta plane flying and parachuting etc.); the rapid changes in weather, the difficulty of the route, walking time, etc.
  • Good mental-physical condition, adequate preparation and training for the task to be undertaken are essential.
  • Avoid attempting routes that are beyond your technical ability and physical and mental preparation.
  • Never walk alone, whenever possible be accompanied and/or advised by qualified individuals or organizations.
  • Obtain adequate information about the route’s particular features and difficulty as well as the area in general. Study all necessary information in advance regarding the destination or route chosen, using the appropriate guides and maps.
  • Always leave extremely precise information about where you are going and which route you intend to take, using visitors books in huts and bivouacs when appropriate.
  • Find out the weather conditions in advance, especially the local forecast.
  • Bring adequate footwear and clothing: avoid wearing training shoes and shoes with smooth soles.
  • Bring a head torch. Do not forget light, easily digested food and water with perhaps added saline integrators.
  • Bring a small first aid kit.

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