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bardiccio salami

Bardiccio is shaped like a long sausage, tied with string, is generally made in pairs (although it’s possible to find strings of four) and uses pig's intestine as a skin. Its deep red colour varies depending upon the amount of heart in the mixture and how fresh it is - it darkens with age. It's full of flavour with strong wild fennel overtones and keeps its rich taste when cooked.

It's made from left over pork, beef and heart (preferably beef, though pork is also used). There is no precise written recipe for Bardiccio and every producer combines the ingredients according to their own personal traditions.

The main ingredient is pork which makes up at least 80% of the mixture. Beef is added to increase the flavour, while the addition of heart makes these sausages unique. In terms of seasoning, wild fennel is the primary ingredient, together with garlic, spices, salt and pepper.

The mixture is coarsely ground. Bardiccio should not be eaten raw, nor should it be kept too long. It's traditionally prepared from September to March and it can be barbequed or stewed and served with tomatoes. It’s quite versatile and can be used in many other recipes, like risotto or as stuffing for roasts.

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