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Palmarola Island

The beaches at Palmarola Island are on Italy’s western coast in the Pontine Islands. It is a place that is noted for having many natural grottos and cliffs and even a few restaurants that operate in the area on a seasonal basis. The beaches are extremely clear and the water is relatively calm around the area. People who are particularly adventurous can get into the Cava Mazzella, a cave located right on the island near some of the beach spaces.

Pontine Islands map

This lost, wild treasure isle, popular with weekending Romans, is considered by many as the Med's most beautiful.

It's a trip back to the Jurassic age, with lush vegetation, fluorescent blue waters, grottoes and massive sea stacks.

The Cathedrals are impressive cliffs. I Fucili (the Rifles) are the leftovers of a collapsed natural arc.

The golden and silvery pebbled inlets are so smooth it's like swimming in an artificial pool.

Getting there: From Rome drive or take the train to Anzio for the Ponza ferry.

Eating there: There's one restaurant -- O' Francese (+39 077 180080) -- that rents cave dwellings. The owners serve fresh fish from the net and take guests to the highest peak at sunrise.

Staying there: Casa del Fauno (+39 3687497816) rents apartments and organizes tours from nearby Ponza island.

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