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Southeast of the Alpago, on the borders of the provinces of Treviso, Udine, and Belluno, are the "Cansiglio" the Mountain of Vittorio Veneto, an impressive plateau at an altitude of more than 1 ,000 meters and covered by a large forest.Near the center of the plateau is a large clearing with several modern hotels and a golf course. It is reached by the road that goes from Vittorio Veneto through Fregna to Alpago. Climbing on this road from the plain, at the beginning of the forest, after the community of Crosetta (1120 m.) to the left, over a good paved road, one can reach the panoramic area of Monte Pizzoc (1,570 m.). There is modern tow equipment for winter sports in Cansiglio, which is also very popular because it is near the plain. The chain of Pre-Alps continues toward the west, from S'ella di Fadalto, with Col Visentin (1,774 m.), which can be reached directly by a new road from Vittorio Veneto. On the other side of the mountain another scenic road climbs from Belluno to Nevegal, where you will find a ski resort with runs on the highest peaks of the mountain.

Prealps,, Monti Col Nudo,

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