Serrada is a small crag located in the Pre-Alps, at 1250 meters elevation, making it a good location for the hotter months. The crag is a vertical sheer of Grey limestone that offers 36 routes, to date, ranging from 6a to 7b.  There is still room for future development and the quality of rock makes climbing enjoyable and changeling on small edges.  Good finger strength and technique are demanded.


From the A22 motorway exit Rovereto Sud head towards Serrada by car 28 km, then 5 minutes on foot.
Exit from the Autostrada Rovereto Sud and follow the indications for Rovereto. After 1.5 km turn right on the main road towards the centre of Rovereto and pass the commercial centre (Millennium Centre). At the second roundabout turn left in the direction of Trento SS 12 and take the left-hand land. Continue straight on, until the large roundabout at the train station (from the motorway's exit A22 Rovereto Sud 7 km). Turn right and follow the signs for Centro and SP2 Serrada- Folgaria. Take the SP2 Serrada-Folgaria and continue for nearly 19 km, passing through the various villages of the Comune di Terragnolo. After passing the sign "Magnifica Comunità di Folgaria", the Restaurant Cogola can be seen on the curve. Park the car on the right after 50 meters in a large parking area. From here enter via San Rocco on the extreme right, and continue for another 20 metres shooting off at the first curve on the right. Follow the track behind the Ristorante Cogola, and after 100 metres the track becomes a descending path that enters into the woods leading to the crag.


REGION Trentino Alto Adige
PROVINCE Trento Province
GEOGRAPHY Monte Lessini
TYPE OF ROCK Limestone
GRADE RANGE 6a+ to 7c
TYPE OF ROUTES technical, crimps, footwork
HEIGHT 35 meters
EQUIPMENT 15 quick draws, sling for belaying below

Special notes:


SECTOR A        
Maiyumi             7b      
Tsunami 6a+
Manu 4b
Mr. Boombastic 4a
Eclisse 99 6b
La morte nera 6c+
Starway to Heaven       6c
Danton 5a
Hawk 6a
Spitfollia 6a+
Phoenomena 6a
Ghost 6a
Microtest 6c
Melancholy 4b
Spider 6b
Megawatt 6b/c
Die hard 6b
Crow 6b
Mururoa 6a
Jessica 6a+
No love 6c
Balla coi lupi 6c
Condor 6b+
Esorciccio 6a+
Maiemi 6b+
Mani di velluto 6b+
The wall 7a
Kaos 6b
Zanzibar 6a
Caduta massi 6b
Giada 6b
Cuzco 6a+
Indios 3c
Kursk 6b
Totem 6a
Tsaatan 5b
Yeti 5c
Ibis 6a
Lady Diana 6a+
Ghibli 6a+
Mephisto 6b
Lucifero 6c
Congedo express 6c
Traverso perverso 6b
Due dita prime falangi      6c
Jovannona 6b
Angel of death 6c+
Robespierre 6c
Pirata 6c
Chipko 5a
Ayers rock 6a
Hidalgo 6a
Inca 5c
Viper 5a
Nandu 5a
Za' Bj 4a
Bali 5c/6a    
Machu Picchu 6b
Licheni 6b
Tarkine 6b+
Ugly 6b+
Miwok 6a
Maya 6b+
Euro 6a
Canyon 4c
Non mollare mai 6c+
Braveheart 6b+
Zia Lilli 6a
Variante 4a
Kombai 5a
Spirit 6b+
Time flies 6b
Rocky grey 6b+
El paradiso 6b
Super Silvia 6b+
Yunnan 6c
My wife is an angel 6b+
Malik 6a
Sun 6a