Rock Climbing Molise Region

The regional territory is nearly all mountainous (55% of the surface area) or hilly, with limited flat ground in the lower valleys and along the Adriatic coast; the Apennines divide Molise into isolated mountains and a chaotic array of hills, which stretch within a few kilometres of the coast, making communications difficult and creating a state of isolation.

The highest mountains are at the heart of the region and are part of `Samnite Apennine'  separates from the Abruzzese Apennines) which include the southern extreme of the Meta mountains, here culminating at 2,185 m., the northern slope of the calcareous Matese massif (Mt. Miletto, 2,050 m.) and the Mount Mutria group; in addition, the Molise border passes the Apennine watershed, including the upper valley of the Volturno River, between the Mainardes and Matese.


If you can get to one of the sites I have described: be sure and buy the local guidebook if it is being sold by someone who has bolted routes in the area. The routes I recommend and routes I have tried over the years, I cannot tell you how some of the routes are now since I do not climb at the same level.

Molise Rock Climbing Sites
Casale Rock Climbing
Colle dell'Oso Rock Climbing
Morgia di S. Stefano Rock Climbing
Pescopennataro Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing Guide to the Molise Region, Italy