po river bike tour, northern italy

The Po river separates the northern regions of the Veneto and Emilia Romagna.  As Italy's largest river the Po has been a life line to several generations of peoples, and with the ever-changing history and culture, of the Italian state, there is a fanatic ride to enjoy following the river.  But be careful the joys are not along the banks themselves, but just beyond in the villages.

From the City Walls of Ferrara to the Destra Po – 17 km.

A route to visit the fascinating City Walls: a magnificent combination of monumental beauty and military functionality.Easy cycle paths run on the top and at the foot of the fortified walls among red stones and local green trees like linden, plane, horse chestnut, oak and acacia interrupted by yew, ivy and box hedges. At the end of the tour the route continues towards the Po River, across the countryside that surrounds Ferrara, and joins the Destra Po cycle route on the right bank of the river.

Burana-Destra Po loop – 51 km.

It starts from Ferrara and goes towards Vigarano Pieve along the bank of the Canale Burana up to Bondeno. This cycle route runs among rows of poplars in a pleasant and peaceful landscape where pedalling is effortless. The route then follows the Destra Po cycle route up to Pontelagoscuro, and then returns to Ferrara across the Parco Urbano Giorgio Bassani.

From the Destra Po to Ro Ferrarese and Copparo – 17 km.

This route starts on the Po River and unfolds between Ro Ferrarese and Copparo surrounded by the atmosphere of the rural civilisation praised by the famous writer Riccardo Bacchelli in his book “Il mulino del Po” (The Mill on the Po). In the flood plain of Po there is a working example of one of the ancient fluvial mills which populated the Great River over a century ago.

From the Destra Po to the Abbazia di Pomposa (Abbey of Pomposa) – 34 km.

From Gorino Ferrarese, last leg of the Destra Po cycle route, to the famous Benedictine monastery: this itinerary is of great historical, artistic and natural interest. The Abbey of Pomposa, spiritual beacon in the Delta since the 7th century, is an extraordinary testimony to medieval beauty and spirituality: magnificent decorations adorn the Gothic-Byzantine façade; the floor mosaic and cycles of 14th century frescoes by painters from Bologna decorate the inside.

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