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During your Italian adventure you decide you would like to the explore the world of bicycling and bike in Italy.· There are several great cities that are perfect to use the bicycle to explore.· Many cities are starting a bicycle share program were you can join an association and pick up a bicycle at one part of the city and turn in at another site. Also, many hotels are starting to provide bicycles as part of their service.

Keep in mind that if you are comfortable with traffic when riding you can enjoy every city by bicycle. The cities I am listing are places even the least experienced person can still move around well with the bike.

Bike Friendly Cities in the Veneto:

Venice: You can not ride bicycles in the city. You can push your bicycle through to get your hotel but if you are stopped by the police while riding except a nice fine.  On the Lido di Venezia the best way to visit is by bicycle and a perfect commuter style ride.

Verona: The main center is a good walk from train station and there are lots of sites worth seeing that are spread throughout the city. This is a great city bike option and there are many great rides outside the city for the avid rider.

Padova: Has gone to great lengths to add bike paths and itineraries throughout the city. It has returned to me visit list just for this reason. I use to hate going into town but now I enjoy being able to move around on the bike so I go more regular.

Most of the other cities are compact enough to do by foot or are town to pass through on your bike tour.

Bike Friendly Cities in the Emilia Romagna

Ferrara: This has been the best bicycle city in Italy for years.

Bologna: Not super bike friendly but still the bicycle is a great option to get around.

Bike Friendly Cities of Friuli Venezia:

Udine: is perhaps the best city at the moment to explore on bike for a commuter, but they still have a ways to go.

If you are staying at the beach each area is perfect for moving around by bicycle.

Bicycle Friendly cities of Trentino Alto Adige:

Bolzano: has lots of great bike paths and a perfect place to stay for two or three days of riding.

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