ferrara province bike touring routes

There is a wonderful bond between Ferrara, called the "capital of the Renaissance", and the cycling tradition; in this city cyclists rule the roads. Many hotels provide tourists with city bicycles free of charge, or they can be hired from various points around the city. A bicycle is certainly the best way to visit this city and its surrounding areas: this ecological and quiet means of transport, suitable in all situations, gives tourists a priceless and total sense of freedom. The province of Ferrara features a wonderful network of cycle routes that unfold through towns and countryside, across nature sanctuaries and villages in the plain, accompanied by traditions, landscape and different perfumes all united by the presence of water. Cycling here is made easier by the flat landscape without any hills, interrupted only by battlemented towers, magnificent trees or imposing river banks.

The cycle tourism routes around Ferrara are not just simple itineraries, but true journeys into the city and its territory, to learn about its past and present and discover its stories and soul. Cycling in the province of Ferrara is a memorable experience.