rimini province bike touring routes


The last stretch of the Po plain is marked by two main valleys: the Marecchia Valley and the Conca Valley; between them there is the small valley of the Marano River where a lovely fluvial park has been created. As with most of Italy the hilly countryside is the distinguishing trait of this land, where the villages and hamlets alternate with fields and are completely surrounded by cultivations and large areas are colonised by spontaneous vegetation. The Valmarecchia is characterised by large limestone rocks, imposing fortresses and towers. The hidden and less accessible hillside areas conceal real protected natural beauties, such as the Grotte di Onferno (the Onferno caves).


The most popular sport in the land of the Malatesta (ancient rulers of the land) is without doubt cycle tourism. The routes into the hills which were once under the Malatesta rule and into the neighbouring Montefeltro cover hundreds of kilometres mainly on minor roads with little traffic. These are also the roads of Marco "the Pirate" Patoni" Italy's cycling heroes.

There are plenty of hotels on the coast or more inland to base yourself. The varied terrain offer rides for all levels and types of cyclist: from the flat roads in the plain to the ups and downs of the nearby hills. The coastal resorts are ideal starting points for excursions at the discovery of enchanting sceneries and important historical sites. The Nove Colli (the 9 hills) is an early season classic gran fondo in the area.

The nearest destinations are the towns once under the rule of the Malatesta. For those wishing to pedal further and with the legs to tackle longer and more difficult itineraries there are routes to the neighbouring area of Montefeltro up to San Marino (one of Europe's smallest republics) and the passes in the Apennines on the border with Tuscany. There is also a great number of mountain bike trails along paths and mule tracks surrounded by amazing sceneries.