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Gallio (“Ghel” in Cimbrian) is located in the central basin of the Plateau together with Asiago and Roana.

The town offers modern ski resorts, equipped with facilities for down-hill skiing - in the areas of Melette and Valbella - cross-country skiing - in Campomulo - and ski jumping - in the Packstall Valley.

You can go hiking along the Path of Silence or the trails in the Valley of Mills, and through the forest of Val di Nos. In Gallio you can also visit the Fossil Museum, where the artefacts from very early ages of the Plateau are presented.

Gallio is also famous for the local Christmas markets, an old tradition, reborn again in our days.

Stoccareddo represents one of the most interesting peculiarities of the territory of Gallio: the inhabitants of this village, due to their exceptional health and immunity to many diseases, become the subject of medical and scientific studies.

Vicenza Province,, Asiago Altopiano,

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