The town of Rotzo (“Rotzo” in Cimbrian) is located on the West side of the Asiago Plateau. Among the municipalities of the Plateau, Rotzo is the smallest and also the oldest one, according to the findings of the Archaeological Site of Bostel, which are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of the Plateau.

Here you can still find some places where the old legends live and tell us about the history of the region, as for example the Altaburg and the Altar Knotto.

Built around the year 1000, the Church of Saint Margherita is considered to be the oldest church of the Plateau.

Rotzo is famous for cultivation of potatoes of an exceptional quality. Every year on the first weekend of September the “Potato Festival” takes place.

The enthusiasts of cross-country skiing can find beautiful trails in Campolongo.

Vicenza Province,, Asiago Altopiano,

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