Bouldering Guide Italy, Lumignano Vicenza

There is a small cliff just to the left of the Eremo sector and below the Americano sector. The area is a small band of compact gray limestone a dozen offer a lot of routes, but the routes that are there are very specific.

At one time this area was cleaned out to make a small training area, and there was several small pocket drilled cleaned into the rock. However, there are plenty of good problems and many of the drilled holes have been and are being filled. You top out on a shelf at highest part 4 meters off the ground. A hand line has been placed for safety, and you exit the shelf to the left or right. There are two routes that I have bolted for the comfort of those who do not want to do a higher problem. There are multi possibilities on some of the routes, and I have only marked the obvious lines.

Bouldering Lumignano

Lumignano is just south of Vicenza which can be reached by Train. The city bus will take you to the cliff area better know for Rock Climbing. 


  Problems listed right to left Grade
1 Bebe B1
2 Kama..ha standing B3
3 Kama...ha sitting B3
4 no name B3
5 Odin B2
6 OutterSpace B1
7 Easy B1
8 Scar B1
9 Face B1

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