Italiaoutdoors Guide to the Dolomites

Marmolada Mountain Group

Italiaoutdoors guide to the Marmolada Dolomites

The Marmolada Mountain Group reaches a height of 3,343 m at Punta Penìa (meaning “nothing more” in the Ladin language), is also known as the “Queen of the Dolomites", as the highest peak in the region and home to its largest glacier. This mountain range, encircled by the valleys of the Avisio (in Trento Province (Trentino) to the north and Cordevole to the south (crossing the length of the Agordino region in the Belluno Province), stands in the heart of the Dolomites like a solitary sentinel, and is protected as one of the nine areas that form the Dolomites UNESCO Heritage sites.

TOWNS OF THE MARMOLADA GROUP Alleghe Moena Canazei Facade

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Main Peaks of the Marmolada Group

Punta Penia - 3.342 m Punta Rocca - 3.309 m Punta Ombretta - 3.230 m Gran Vernel - 3.205 m Piccolo Vernel - 3.098 m Sasso Vernale - 3.058 m Piz Serauta - 3.035 m Piz de Guda - 2.134 m Punta Comates - 3.029 m Cima Ombretta - 3.011 m Cima dell'Uomo - 3.010 m Sas de Valfreda - 3.009 m Cima Ombrettòla - 2.931 m Monte Fop - 2.883 m

Mountain Huts in the Marmolada Group

Rifugio Contrin (2.016 m) Rifugio Falier (2.074 m) Bivacco Marco dal Bianco (2.730 m) Capanna Punta Penia (3.340 m)

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