Mountain Passes In The Italian Mountains

PASSO SAN PELLEGRINO | DOLOMITES Passo S. Pellegrino sits at 1918 meters a.s.l., and connects Falcade in the Veneto Region with Moena in the Trentino Alto Adige Region.  Located on the southern slopes of the Marmolada Mountain Group, Passo S. Pellegrino popular ski resort and departure point for hikes in the Italian Dolomites.  State road 346 leads you over Passo S. Pellegrino and at times it can be busy, but it is the best route to reach the heart of the Italian Dolomites. In the middle ages the Passo S. Pellegrino was known as Monte Alloch and part of the summer migration trail from the Brenner Pass. In the 1300's the Monks from the order of Saint Pellegrino built a hospice to care for those injured or ill from making the passage and today the pass gets it name from this order of Monks.  Many of the a joining roads were built during the First World War, Passo Valles is a great example.  There are several great mountain bike trails leading through and from the pass that lets you explore some to the old battle positions of the war. GETTING TO PASSO S. PELLIGRINO State road 346 gives you two primary routes from Moena and Falcade and both great rides up to the Passo Pellegrino. Coming from Falcade is the more challenging ride with ramps up to 15% and there is a tunnel you should ride around, using a service road. The route coming up from Moena is not as stiff of a ride but there tends to be traffic on the weekends. You can also reach the pass by riding up to Passo Rolle and over Passo Valles.  Passo S. Pelligrino can be reached by bus from Agrodo and Moena. OUTDOOR RECREATION AT PASSO S. PELLIGRINO Bike Tour Passo S. Pellegrino in the Italian Dolomites

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The Mountains Of Italy | Dolomites

GUIDE TO THE MARMOLADA MOUNTAIN GROUP The Marmolada Mountain Group reaches a height of 3,343 m at Punta Penìa (meaning “nothing more” in the Ladin language), is also known as the “Queen of the Dolomites", as the highest peak in the region and home to its largest glacier. This mountain range, encircled by the valleys of the Avisio (in Trento Province (Trentino) to the north and Cordevole to the south (crossing the length of the Agordino region in the Belluno Province), stands in the heart of the Dolomites like a solitary sentinel, and is protected as one of the nine areas that form the Dolomites UNESCO Heritage sites. TOWNS OF THE MARMOLADA GROUP Alleghe Moena Canazei Facade MAIN PEAKS OF THE MARMOLADA GROUP Punta Penia - 3.342 m Punta Rocca - 3.309 m Punta Ombretta - 3.230 m Gran Vernel - 3.205 m Piccolo Vernel - 3.098 m Sasso Vernale - 3.058 m Piz Serauta - 3.035 m Piz de Guda - 2.134 m Punta Comates - 3.029 m Cima Ombretta - 3.011 m Cima dell'Uomo - 3.010 m Sas de Valfreda - 3.009 m Cima Ombrettòla - 2.931 m Monte Fop - 2.883 m MOUNTAIN HUTS IN THE MARMOLADA GROUP Rifugio Contrin (2.016 m) Rifugio Falier (2.074 m) Bivacco Marco dal Bianco (2.730 m) Capanna Punta Penia (3.340 m)


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