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Cavarzere is a comune in the Province of Venice in the Italian region of Veneto, located about southwest of Venice. Neighbouring municipalities of Cavarzere are: Adria, Agna, Anguillara Veneta, Chioggia, Cona, Loreo, Pettorazza Grimani, San Martino di Venezze. Cavarzere is on the plain. The main river flowing through it is Adige. There are also many canals passing through this town. The town is not affected by urban sprawl, contrary to other parts of the Veneto, such as the “Roman Graticolato” near Padua.

Cavarzere has a good bus service providing regular transport to all parts of the area and neighbouring towns. To improve this service, was built a new large bus station. There is also a railway line which connects Adria to Venice having two stops in Cavarzere. It has a medium school system based on primary and secondary schools and also on professional training institutes. Cavarzere has a little hospital belonging to ULSS 14 of Chioggia, a medical outpost named “cittadella socio-sanitaria” because its inhabitants are treated often in the hospital of Adria. Also there are some cultural and leisure activities: Cavarzere has got a cinema, two theatres, many bars and restaurants, parks, choirs, a music society, photography club, a little stadium, tennis courts, many sports clubs and other again.

The main economic sector of Cavarzere is agriculture. In the first part of 20th century, Cavarzere grew to become a city with a phase of industrialization. The process was interrupted by the flood of the river Po in 1951. Since that year, the region recorded a continuous decrease in population which reimmigration of these years could not counteract. The modern industrial area is based on manufacturing. Most people, however, commute to neighbouring cities.

Cavarzere dates from the pre-Roman age as a military outpost of the near town of Hatria, the future Adria. The etymology of Cavarzere is due to the Roman colonization. The town born as “Caput Aggeris” because once was the only village in the area having got an embankment system. When the Roman Empire collapsed, it was a destination of the populations who sought refuge from the barbarians. Since these years, Cavarzere will follow the fate of its owned: the Venetian Republic. For this viable location (along the River Adige and not far from the Venetian Lagoon) and because was the last town before the Papal States, Cavarzere was destroyed by many artificial floods and invasions: the Lombards, the Genovesi, the French and also from the Duchy of Ferrara. When Napoleon deleted the Republic of Venice, the town was annexed by Austrian Empire with the Treaty of Campo Formio in 1797. After a brief rule of Kingdom of Italy (a protectorate of French Empire), with the Congress of Vienna in 1815 Cavarzere was annexed by the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia. Since 1866 it was a municipality of Italy.

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