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Town of San Dona di Piave | Venice Province

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Guide to Town of San Dona di Piave


San Donà di Piave is a city and comune of province of Venice, Veneto Region of northern Italy. It has been one of the historical main towns of the Eastern Veneto territory and was totally reconstructed in the early 1920s after being heavily damaged during the World War I. San Donà lies along the Piave river and is bordered by the communes of Noventa di Piave, Musile di Piave and Fossalta di Piave.  These towns have almost become a single urban area, also known as Città del Piave. As well, San Donà borders the territories of Jesolo, Eraclea, Ceggia, Torre di Mosto, Cessalto and Salgareda.

What to See in San Dona di Piave

Main sights

  • Duomo of Blessed Virgin Mary (19th century, rebuilt after the World War I)
  • Church of Saint Charles in Chiesanuova
  • Villa Ancillotto and its ornamental historical park (18th–20th centuries)
  • Museo della Bonifica (Land Reclamation Museum)
  • Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (City Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art)
  • Parco della Scultura in Architettura (Park of Sculpture in Architecture)

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